Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A return and the Fine Tooning Cover

Long time no update. My laptop at home was, until recently, completely fried. Now it's only somewhat fried. So I couldn't update art here or anywhere for quite a while. In my absence however I landed my first animation gig (in late May). I've been animating on the new Disney XD show Fish Hooks, which premiered recently. I'll gush more on that later perhaps (because I love the show), but for now I have to play catch up with the blogspot;

This was what we submitted as the cover for Fine Tooning 2010, the book Algonquin's animation program produces each year showcasing graduate work. I was lucky enough to have my idea chosen for the cover, and I worked on it with Carlo Nicoletta, Dan Tozek, and David Noel from my graduating class.

[[I handled the concept & coordination, the 2D characters on the right (except the bird), the BG and Character colouring (AKA "paint", effects.]]

The idea was sort of simple; An allusion to a couple famous wartime photos with classic animation archetype characters. I've always been into war photos and art.

After much toil and drama, the actual version they printed on the cover was edited by the coordinators to add a sepia colour wash and some other slight adjustments to appease the powers that be. But this is the version we submitted (and to be fair, this version was more popular among students anyway). I was going to post the original sketch as well but I'm pressed for time and you can actually see it in a previous update anyway.

More backdated stuff to come (possibly including my actual pages from Fine Tooning, though I dislike them), and then a bunch weiiirrrd doodle newness.