Monday, November 12, 2007

Indo 2.0

(AKA Type-2 Indobetes)

Indo. She grew up. She filled out.

All new, all grown-up, all Rock n' Roll attitude and a few small design changes for an old Rockman character I only drew and sprited a bit. She is/was totally popular in spite of my not drawing her much anyway, so there!

Since I never really said so before, she is, naturally, a central character from my old Saviors Of Mikeropia deal that never happened but is on my mind at times. I imagine she's quite a bit more badass than before, but she's still a hope based robot. She has "hope" and "faith" powers. It's hard to explain. It's not really a religion thing but certain symbols get the idea across, kthx. The only other info you need to know is that her series code is GUN-019 (No I'm not enough of a loser to make my fan characters created by/related to other characters. She is not a DRN series, nerd. And no, not GUN as in kiss kiss bang bang. GUN stands for something.)

I don't really do the whole fan character thing anymore, but it's been nearly three years since her... Are drawings and or robots born? Whatever, Indo deserved something fresh.

-Rockman/Megaman is the shit and is a Capcom property.
-Indo is all me.

Made with; HB pencil in sketchbook, Photoshop CS on an iBook G4.


Animation Year II - SI - Assignment IV - Papyrus Run Cycle

Fourth assignment for my first semester of my second year in Animation at Algonquin College.

Papyrus run cycle. It's... fast.

I'll put up my Goofy midterm another time, the ending goes up wrong on YouTube, so I'll re-export it at the lab and then re-upload it.